What our athletes are testing now, our customers will find on the shoes they will buy, with the same technical characteristics and the same care, all of course always made in Italy.  - Ernesto Gazzola



Located in Coste di Maser in the Province of Treviso, GAERNE was set up in 1962 by Ernesto Gazzolo, renowned master artisan of handcrafted cycling footwear. The GAERNE name is based on the beginning letters of the founder's last and first names, GAZZOLA ERNESTO. Each shoe is expertly handcrafted in our GAERNE workshop by skilled cobblers, many who have been crafting Gaerne shoes for decades. GAERNE is a leader in the cycling footwear sector, sold throughout the world. 

GAERNE made its mark in the world of cycling by sponsoring promising cyclists and real champions - the legendary Carrera Team at the time of Chiappucci and Pantani is just one example. GAERNE cycling shoes were an immediate success. A distinctive style “signature” together with innovative technical characteristics enabled GAERNE to conquer both the Italian and international markets.

In parallel with the development of cycle shoes for road racing, GAERNE shares the passion for MTB, GRAVEL and TRIATHLON and offers exceptional cycling shoes for each of these disciplines, winning over young and not so young cycling enthusiasts and professionals.


Albabici LLC is the official distributor for GAERNE CYCLING SHOES in the USA. We are honored to represent GAERNE CYCLING and offer the full selection of GAERNE Cycling Shoes to US consumers and bicycle stores. We process and ship all orders from our warehouse located in Oxnard, California.