GAERNE Shoe Size Guide

Buying GAERNE cycling shoes in the right size is important for ensuring a comfortable fit. If you want to know which size is right for you, you've come to the right place! 

How to Measure Your Shoe Size for Gaerne Cycling Shoes

  1. Put on a pair of cycling socks.
  2. Place one foot on a sheet of drawing paper.
  3. Draw an outline of your foot.
  4. Now mark and measure the distance (cm) of the two longest points of your foot to determine FOOT LENGTH.
  5. Repeat the similar procedure for other foot.
  6. Use the larger FOOT LENGTH measurement of the two measurements taken in Step 4 and Step 5.
  7. Find your size based on the length measurement of your foot from Step 6  using the Gaerne size chart.

Gaerne Sizing Chart - Gaerne Cycling Shoes

If you have any questions regarding sizing, please feel free to contact us.